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Citizenship of the US

One of the main things that an immigration attorney does, the most common request for assistance, is helping folks with citizenship of the US. You will find that there are four key ways in which folks could qualify for United States citizenship: derivative citizenship, citizenship by means of naturalization, citizenship by means of military service, and citizenship by means of adoption.

US Citizenship by Means of Adoption

With citizenship of the US via adoption, immigration attorneys will help the prospective parents right through the procedure. Providing the parents are USA citizens, the child is a lawful permanent resident, the child is under the age of eighteen, and the child is currently in the US, the child will be accepted as a United States citizen. An immigration attorney can help with filing for lawful permanent residency as well. They also help if any problems come about throughout the procedure.

Service in the Military – A Ticket to United States Citizenship

If you are in military service and want to be a citizen of the United States, you will be in luck! If you’ve got done service in the US Armed Forces for more than one year, have acquired lawful permanent residency and make an application for citizenship benefit while you are still in the service or within 6 months of leaving the Military, you are entitled to USA citizenship. One other way for member of the military to receive citizenship of the States is by doing recruitment training. At the conclusion of basic training, you can become a citizen of the States by naturalization. Lastly, since the year 2002, all non-US-citizens who served with honor in the U.S. Armed Forces after the 11th September, 2001 are immediately able to request citizenship of the USA regardless of status as LPRs.

The Way Many Folks Become Citizens – Naturalization

Achieving US citizenship through naturalization is when you become a US citizen after you have already been a lawful permanent resident for enough time. If you were given a green card by marriage, you need at least 3 years. Everyone else needs five years as a lawful permanent resident. In addition you need to have paid your taxes and resided in the USA. Immigration lawyers keep an eye on the detailed conditions for naturalization on your behalf. A lot of people discover that the whole process of applying for citizenship of the US turns up issues of which the applicant was oblivious. Instances would be obstacles associated with old criminal convictions, issues regarding taxation, and problems in relation to residency. A client might take on the naturalization procedure on his or her own and then be unsuccessful. Lawyers can deal with all those issues. In addition they assist plenty of lawful permanent residents acquire citizenship of the US via the naturalization procedure.

Your Parents Help You To Become A Citizen – Derivative Citizenship

The final of the key citizenship classifications that immigration attorneys help with is known as derivative citizenship. This is the process where children get citizenship via their parents. If you are born outside the States but at least one of your parents is actually a citizen of the United States, then you’re eligible to be USA citizen also. Now there are certain particular conditions to being approved for a derivative citizenship, that’s when immigration lawyers become essential They help people who believe they may be able to claim derivative citizenship, and be citizens because of their parents’ citizenship, and evaluate their eligibility to claim citizenship of the USA. In addition they assist those who did derive citizenship through their fathers and mothers process those claims with the United States Passport Office or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

In a Nutshell

Regardless of what your path to USA citizenship is, an experienced immigration lawyer can help. For sure, if you qualify for naturalization and have a simple case, most likely you do not require a legal professional. However for involved cases or if you take one of the other routes to citizenship of the States mentioned on this page, an immigration lawyer will help your case succeed. Consult with one right away!

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