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After citizenship of the USA, the second most common immigration attorney enquiry is for assistance with US green cards. There are several ways that you might be entitled to a green card. On this page you can read our discourse of each of these methods. The leading green card classifications humanitarian-based green cards, special immigrant green cards, the green card lottery, green cards through employment, and green cards through family.

Family Based Green Cards

The most widespread US green card is the green card through family option. Family based green cards is split into 2 categorizations. The 1st class related to the direct relatives of citizens of the US. The 2nd category is family based preference.

Parents, spouses and children fall under the first family-based green card category. And from those 3 selections, adults filing for their spouses are by far the most commonplace. To get a US green card by way of marriage, the US citizen will apply for their spouse to receive an immigrant visa. As soon as they have one of those, then they will register to be a permanent resident. This process is accomplished by way of multiple forms and supplying a lot of additional info. Children can fall under this category as well, and it could be a biological child, a child who has been adopted, or a step child. Family based US green cards for fathers and mothers can be filed by children who are already US citizens and are 21 years old or more. The crucial aspect of immigration through relatives is that you never have to wait long for an immigrant visa.

The family preference immigration class relates to the less immediate relatives. There are 4 categories in the family preference group. These 4 categories are: married sons and daughters of US citizens and their spouses and children, sisters and brothers of adult US citizens, unmarried sons and daughters of USA citizens aged 21 or over, and unmarried sons and daughters, children and spouses of LPRs aged 21 or over. The wait periods for these 4 categories range from 2 years to 22 years.

Green Cards for Employment

The second most commonplace green card is an employment based green card. These green cards have preference classifications exactly like the family classifications. Only a certain number of green cards are granted from each category. The five preference categories are as follows: 1. The first preference relates to aliens of extraordinary abilities. 2. The 2nd preference is for aliens who have advanced degrees and are highly educated. 3. Third level of preference relates to immigrant workers with a bachelor’s degree or considerable work experience. 4. Fourth preference applies to special immigrant visas. 5. The fifth preference level relates to aliens creating work in the US by means of financial investment.

The first category applies to immigrant workers with exceptional ability. There are three ways to qualify for this category. You could meet the requirements by demonstrating that you have outstanding ability in the arts, education, athletics, the sciences, or business. You’ll additionally meet the criteria if you are a remarkable researcher, multinational manager, executive, or professor. This is really the easiest categorization by which to get a visa through employment and a lot of green cards are offered.

The 2nd preference category applies to immigrant workers who are extremely highly educated with significant degrees. You will qualify for this second category if you have got a masters degree or higher that you use in your employment.

The third preference level pertains to immigrant workers holding a bachelor’s degrees or having significant work experience. Therefore this means that you do not need to have a bachelor’s degree to meet the requirements. You just have to have a significant amount of work experience. There are a very limited amount of visas for this particular preference category.

The 4th and 5th preference levels are incredibly uncommon. They’re special immigrant green cards and visas for entrepreneurs. The special immigrant green cards contain such a lot of individual cases, that we are not going to list them all here. Individuals almost never secure employment based visas via the 4th category. While the fifth category level, entrepreneur green cards, is just for foreigners who create employment in the US. This may be through making an investment by buying a qualifying business. Or perhaps, by investing in a regional center that has got particular projects meeting USCIS standards. Once more, there are not many US green cards available for this category level either, so we’re not delving any deeper into this.

Humanitarian US Green Card

The third class of green cards is those on humanitarian grounds. The United States Of America can engage in a humanitarian viewpoint when it comes to those who wish to enter the USA on account of persecution or abuse. It can also assume the humanitarian approach for people who’ve already sought refuge in the US. Humanitarian visas can include refugee green cards, delayed action for child arrivals, asylee green cards, and parole in place green cards.

US asylee green cards are suitable for folks who’ve previously been granted asylum and been living in the USA for more than one year. They’ll additionally have to show they still qualify as an individual who has been given asylum.

Refugee US green cards are intended for folks that live outside of the United States of America, but who the United States has a special humanitarian concern for. Such a refugee will be able to demonstrate persecution, and has not settled permanently in another country. Regardless of the level of persecution a refugee endures, they must still be admissible. Once admitted into the US as a refugee, you achieve eligibilty for a United States green card.

Parole in Place green cards relate to spouses of military staff. They allow military husbands and wives to be excused illegal entry into the US. The spouse could modify their situation in the United States of America, to become an LPR and get a green card. Using this method, military husbands and wives don’t have to leave the country, and maybe be refused re-entry, simply to make an application for a visa to get back.

Those are the three significant humanitarian visas. Trying to obtain humanitarian green cards is difficult to understand. What is more, it is tricky to understand if you actually qualify for one. Attorneys who specialize in immigration can help you work out if you’re eligible.

Diversity Lottery and Special Immigrant Green Cards

The fourth and fifth US green card categorizations are diversity lottery green cards and special immigrant green cards. These two categorizations are really so specialized and rare that we are not going to go into them much on this page. Several of the classes of special immigrant US green cards are religious workers, armed forces members, some Panama Canal employees, certain physicians, Amerasian, and Afghan or Iraqi Translators. There are in fact several more, but those are a few examples of precisely what is out there.

Diversity lottery green cards are randomly selected from all the entries from those countries that have a low rate of immigration to the United States. In order to determine if you might qualify for any type of special visa, it is better to consult an immigration attorney. They are extremely knowledgeable and can help you in working out which green card is correct for you.

In a Nutshell

You can see that the States government delivers a number of ways for people to obtain a green card. However, everyone can’t acquire one since not everybody meets the requirements. To enhance your odds of getting eligibility, you are able to schedule a session with an immigration lawyer who’s well informed with regards to the category of US green cards, you hope to get. So, if you’ve got a family member or spouse who wishes to sponsor you, talk with an immigration lawyer who deals with family based green cards.

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